Coaching Session – Pumping the trail

Coaching Session – Pumping the trail

Today I coached by mountain bike academy riders, the session was based around pumping, a key trail skill that is used to carry speed through transitions. The key to this skill is using your body to ‘weight’ and ‘unweight’ the bike.


  • Look a head
  • Feet in the ready position
  • On the downward slope into the dip of each roller push yourself into the bike to ‘weight’ it
  • keep your heels down pushing forward on your pedals
  • On the upward slope and to the top bring your body back up to ‘unweight’ the bike


  • 90% of the movement should be your legs squashing the back wheel into the ground
  • Keep your chin up, don’t lean forward to wait the bike, instead crouch back and down into a squat

Pedal 2 Pedal mountain bike academy runs from Queen Elizabeth Country Park If you are interested in joining please use the contact form.


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