Southern XC Round 4 – Matterley Basin

Southern XC Round 4 – Matterley Basin

Xavier, Edith and Fred headed to the hilly venue of Matterley Basin near Winchester for round 4 of the Southern XC. This was a new venue  for all, but we’d heard that it was to be the hilliest race in the series. No surprise as it’s on the South Downs!

Fred race start

Heavy rain the day before could have meant a slippery course, but on the day, a bit of sun and a nice breeze ensured dryish and fast ground. The course comprised a long hill on fireroad followed by an equal length singletrack descent with drops, roots and an A-line log feature. The u9s race was 4 laps.


The u9’s were gridded for the first time. This was welcome as it ensures everyone gets away cleanly and avoids the bigger kids tangling up with the younger kids. It worked well and there were no crashes on the start with everyone getting away well. Fred hit 3rd before the singletrack and held position throughout the first descent. He was caught though at the end of the climb on lap2, and slotted into 4th for the remaining laps and finished comfortably in 4th. Xavier had a clean start and rode consistently for the length of the race to come in a well-earnt 13th. Edith also put in a good performance over the hilly course, lapping just behind Xavier to come in 7th in the u9 girls.


Overall – another good ride by all on a technical and hilly course. Well done all!


Which is more than can be said for the adults. Between multiple bad backs, colds and just being plain tired – no Pedal 2 Pedal adults turned a pedal in anger that day! Come on oldies – get it together!! (author included)

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