Southern XC Round 7- Matterley Basin Revisit 100716 by Seb Price

Southern XC Round 7- Matterley Basin Revisit 100716 by Seb Price

Fred, Edith and Oliver came back to Matterley Basin for round 7. This was a replacement  venue as the originally planned Minley Manor was no-longer available.IMG_3296

This was also Oliver’s first race.  All 3 did a practise  lap together, only to find the course was reversed before the start! This was for the best as the wet conditions would have resulted a  few crashes on the downhill singletrack otherwise.


All three got off to good  starts. The field  strung out over  the opening loop before the start of the first full lap and the technical singletrack climb. All 3 rode it well, with a few dismounts for logs in places. Fred finished 4th, Edith 6th and Oliver in his first race finished in a great 9thplace! Well done all.


This was followed by another coaching session that focused on the technical  singletrack climb and front wheel lifts to clear the logs. Really good specific coaching.


Following the race, the challenge of the ‘Pump-an-innertube-until-it-explodes’ game  was too hard to resist.  Edith assembled a girls pair to challenge Fred and Oliver. The competition was close, but the girls just edged it, exploding their tube first and getting an entry on the ‘Top Gear’  leaderboard.


A fun morning out for all, despite the rain. Well done all, especially Oliver in his first race!


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